Tuija Talvitie

Tuija Talvitie has been CMI’s Executive Director since November 2009. Tuija has over twenty years’ experience in international leadership, cultural relations and social development.

Her ambition is to make CMI a leading conflict resolution organisation. She emphasises multi-stakeholder approaches, innovation and ethical leadership. Prior to joining CMI, Tuija was the Director of British Council Finland where she led the office’s programme work on climate change, intercultural dialogue, education and research. She was in charge of a major change programme at British Council Finland and played an active role in the strategic leadership team of North and Central Europe.

She was a CMI board member between 2005-2009 and sits on the boards of various think tanks and NGOs. She holds an MA in English Philology and International Politics from the University of Helsinki.

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) is a Finnish non-profit organisation that works to prevent and resolve conflicts and build sustainable peace. It was foundered by Martti Ahtisaari, the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.


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