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The Televisa effect: villains wanted

Why did Mexicans, who voted the ‘perfect dictatorship’ out just twelve years ago, simply vote them back in? Lila Caballero on the key factors...

Cheerleading for Egypt

Jeff Howard explains why, on the day of the country's first presidential election, our praise for Egypt is not premature.

Thinking Slow not Fast

Jeff Howard lays the foundations for a public theory of immigration

Libya Counterpoint

From Tripoli With Love

Catherine Fieschi reports from a city buzzing with contradictions, but steeled with many of the cultural codes it needs to meet the challenges it...

Fantasy Populism

Jeff Howard explores the misunderstandings that are fuelling populist outrage, and the challenges faced by post-industrial liberal democracies.

Flashmob die-in protest

The Morning After the Decade Before

Much of the world seems to have woken up this January with the sense that the post-911 decade is well and truly...


Does the Occupy/Indignados movement matter? And if so how? Catherine Fieschi on the protests that are sweeping the developed world and what...

Populist Expectations (or: The Dead Expert)

We are entering an era of radical transition and institutional change. Our latest Counterpoint discusses declining trust, the death of expertise and...

A Women at the Oslo Bomb Blast, Norway

Norwegian Lessons

Counterpoint's response to July's tragedy in Norway, and an exploration of what it can teach us about elite behaviour, cultural conservatism and...

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Bonne Année – Local realities of migration: emotions, institutions, conflict and cooperation

We have just launched our new report comparing local realities of migration in Europe.  Counterpoint explored local and personal experiences of migration in communities...


Tentacles of Circumstance: The Political Consequences of Inequality

To explore the complex effects of inequality on European societies, this collection brings together essays by scholars of economic history, sociology, psychology and philosophy....


Historic errors set in stone

Public monuments seem to have become the lightning rod of our cultural wars: from Robert E Lee, to Cecil Rhodes, to intimations that Nelson...