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Counterpoint hosts regular events across the world and publishes a variety of articles, news items and briefs. On this page you will find all of these including Counterpoints, our flagship series of commentary pieces

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Conflicted Politicians

Conflicted Politicians

Counterpoint’s new report Conflicted Politicians: The populist radical right in the European Parliament can be downloaded here.   Read the report’s latest media coverage: Financial Times...

Launch of “Populism Watch”

Launch of “Populism Watch”

“Populism Watch” is a tool designed to enable decision makers to monitor populist trends across Europe and gauge their actual and potential impact on...

Italy’s female politicians: breakthrough or tokenism?

Italy’s female politicians: breakthrough or tokenism?

“In Italy, one third of cabinet members are women. And they are women of substance. But do they have power?” Counterpoint’s Catherine Fieschi debates...

Conspiracy Theories in France

Conspiracy Theories in France

Today we release our interim report on conspiracy theories in France. The report can be downloaded here. Read the coverage of the report in...

UKIP’s rise

UKIP’s rise

As UKIP’s Nigel Farage appears on Question Time once again tonight – where at some point the discussion will inevitably turn to UKIP’s winning...

Discussion panel: The springs of populism in Europe: a crisis of democracy?

Counterpoint and the UCL European Institute partner for an interesting conversation about populism, crisis and democracy

Europe’s Reluctant Radicals: France

Counterpoint partners with CEVIPOF to launch a pamphlet by Michel Wieviorka on the Front National

Europe’s Reluctant Radicals: Poland

Counterpoint and the Polish Cultural Institute in London partner to launch Marek Beylin's piece on populism in Poland

Europe’s Reluctant Radicals: Sweden

Counterpoint partners with Swedish organisation Arenagruppen to launch pamphlet on populism in Sweden as part of the Reluctant Radicals' project.

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A new Bridges pamphlet is coming out! The Tentacles of Circumstance: the Political Consequences of Inequality

In January we will be launching our new Bridges Project publication on the political consequences of inequality.  As usual, our approach is multidisciplinary.  The...


Historic errors set in stone

Public monuments seem to have become the lightning rod of our cultural wars: from Robert E Lee, to Cecil Rhodes, to intimations that Nelson...


Developing a new language of persuasion: Counterpoint’s workshops on framing

With public distrust of expertise at an all-time high, and an increasing demand for transparency, the messages of carefully constructed campaigns can easily fail...