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Counterpoint hosts regular events across the world and publishes a variety of articles, news items and briefs. On this page you will find all of these including Counterpoints, our flagship series of commentary pieces

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Europe-Iran Forum

The 1st Europe-Iran Forum

Counterpoint participates in a major forum on Oct 15-16 on preparing post-sanctions investment and trade

Just another conspiracist?

Joel Gombin comments on the recent controversy in France surrounding “Éloge littéraire d'Anders Breivik” as part of our 'Rival Political Narratives' project

Recapturing the Reluctant Radical

Catherine Fieschi, Marley and Lila Caballero's first report from our project Recapturing Europe's Reluctant Radicals.

Shameful Voting

Evidence suggests that voters for populist right parties are often ashamed to report their preferences, hampering accurate polling. Read Counterpoint's analysis.

Finnish Election: Analysis

Although Soini came fourth, we should not read this as the beginning of the end for The Finns. Read more about Counterpoint's...

Finns go to the polls on Sunday

Indications are that the True Finns won't match their successes of last year. But who really are the True Finns, and why...


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River Europe Canals Netherlands Bike Amsterdam

The roots of contemporary populism in the Netherlands

Here is something we published a couple of years ago on the rise of Dutch populism, its relationship to inequality and to deep cultural...

Red bus europe

Europe’s riddle: Migration, community experiences and public opinion

Counterpoint examines the local experience of migration and integration across five European countries in light of the 2014-2015 migration crisis. Our research in Sweden,...


The wide open space of the French elections

So far, so good.  But what could go wrong in round 2? This is a good time to review the dynamics of the French...