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Just another conspiracist?

Joel Gombin comments on the recent controversy in France surrounding “Éloge littéraire d'Anders Breivik” as part of our 'Rival Political Narratives' project

Recapturing the Reluctant Radical

Catherine Fieschi, Marley and Lila Caballero's first report from our project Recapturing Europe's Reluctant Radicals.

Golden Dawn, SYRIZA or a pro-Memorandum party?

Daphne Halikiopoulou discusses a very high stakes game.

The psychology of conspiracy theory

Steven Van Hauwaert explores cognitive shortcuts - important psychological elements in explaining the social and political appeal of conspiracy theories as a form of...

Breivik’s Rival Political Narratives

A new book on the far right by Norwegian investigative journalist Øyvind Strømmen provides a strong starting point for our research on Norway...

The conspiracy worldview

Peter Kreko, Director of the Hungarian think-tank Political Capital, explores the context of contemporary conspiracy theorising in a country grappling with a difficult set...

On the Reaction to the Toulouse Murders

Jeff Howard reacts to the tragic events in Toulouse from France.

The French Reluctant Radicals

With the French presidential elections looming, we ask: who are the French 'Reluctant Radicals' and what motivates them? Read Counterpoint's preliminary results.

Extreme Right

The Home Affairs Committee report last week warned of a rise in extreme right violence. How great is the danger? Read Counterpoint's...

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A new Bridges pamphlet is coming out! The Tentacles of Circumstance: the Political Consequences of Inequality

In January we will be launching our new Bridges Project publication on the political consequences of inequality.  As usual, our approach is multidisciplinary.  The...


Historic errors set in stone

Public monuments seem to have become the lightning rod of our cultural wars: from Robert E Lee, to Cecil Rhodes, to intimations that Nelson...


Developing a new language of persuasion: Counterpoint’s workshops on framing

With public distrust of expertise at an all-time high, and an increasing demand for transparency, the messages of carefully constructed campaigns can easily fail...