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Counterpoint in the FT and City A.M.

On 18 February, Counterpoint contributed to Liam Ward-Proud’s article in City A.M. on ‘three market-moving political risks’:

‘While increased support for eurosceptics like Ukip is familiar, research consultancy Counterpoint sees the rise of anti-establishment parties (particularly in Italy, France and Greece) as more significant at the national level. “The European Parliament will still be dominated by the mainstream political groups,” says Marley Morris. But governing parties at a domestic level, which have been attempting to push through structural reforms, could be tempted to postpone vital changes. In particular, Morris cites France – and the risk that the rising popularity of the Front National could prompt Francois Hollande to dilute labour market reforms.’

For more analysis, read the City A.M. article here.


On 21 February, Counterpoint contributed to an article in the Financial Times on the City’s response to a rise in populism at the European Parliament elections:

‘A blog posted on the website of the British Bankers’ Association last week shines a light on the debate within the industry. Written by Marley Morris, a researcher at Counterpoint, a think-tank, it cites descriptions of Ukip as the “party of no”.

As such, it argues it may be better to focus attention on mainstream parties – as well as potentially more moderate eurosceptic movements such as Alternative für Deutschland – as “the best way of handling a potential populist surge”.’

For more analysis. read the Financial Times article here.



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