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Europe’s hidden wiring

Counterpoint and the Open Society European Policy Institute would like to invite you to ‘Europe’s hidden wiring’, a seminar on populism in Europe and the challenges it brings to European institutions. The event stems from Counterpoint’s project ‘Recapturing Europe’s Reluctant Radicals’ and marks the launch of their edited volume ‘Populist Fantasies: European revolts in context’.

The event will take place on 15 October 2013 in Room 3.61 of the Hertie School of Governance, Friedrichstraße 180, Berlin, Germany.

Since September 2011, Counterpoint has been engaged in a vast, pan-European project funded by the Open Society Foundations on the roots and manifestations of populism in Europe. After a phase that focused mainly on drawing an accurate portrait of the voters for populist parties, the project moved on to a second phase concerned with understanding populism as it emerges in various national contexts; here the focus was on the myths, legacies, fears and national stories that allow a version of populism to take root and shape in various European contexts.  We commissioned ten essays from public intellectuals on the ‘hidden wiring’ of cultures –the contextual factors, myths, narratives, stories and collective emotions that underpin the varieties of populism that we find at play across European settings.

Capitalising on the visibility of our authors and on the high quality of the arguments they make in their pieces, we are bringing them together for a one-day academic seminar to engage in a creative discussion about what drives the fears, attitudes and reactions of Swedish, French, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, Greek, Danish, British, Polish and German citizens to mainstream politics and populism. The aim here is to prepare credible narratives to counter populism at a national level in advance of the European elections of 2014.

Download the full programme here

Download Populist Fantasies – European revolts in context 



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