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Europe’s Reluctant Radicals: Finland

Today Counterpoint launches a new pamphlet on populism in Finland by journalist Johanna Korhonen as part of the “Recapturing Europe’s Reluctant Radicals” project, supported by the Open Society Foundations. This second phase of the project aims to draw an in-depth picture of how populism emerges in specific country contexts and this launch marks the beginning of the release of a series of ten expert written country pamphlets exploring populism across Europe.

“Ten Paths to Populism: How Silent Finland Became a Playing Field for Loud Populism” by  Johanna Korhonen

Download pamphlet here

Read an excerpt, in English, on Open Democracy

In “Ten Paths to Populism: How Silent Finland Became a Playing Field for Loud Populism”, journalist Johanna Korhonen describes how Finland – a country that to outsiders has been known for its embracing of technological modernisation and its pro-Europeanism – became susceptible to a spectacular populist upheaval in 2011. In that year the True Finns won over nearly one fifth of the vote and went on to become the main opposition party to the current government.

The launch event is organised in partnership with Finnish think tanks Magma and E2 and will take place from 12:00 to 13:00 at the Meeting Room Nordica 1 of the Scandic Continental Hotel in Helsinki. The panel includes:

Johanna Korhonen, Finnish journalist and author of the pamphlet

Lila Caballlero, Project Manager at Counterpoint

Björn Sundell, Social Analysis and Study at Magma

The panel will be joined by a speaker from the think tank E2


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