Protest into Process

Social media tools for governance and accountability in Egypt

Social Media in the Arab Spring. These new instruments of mass mobilisation and participation captured the imagination of the foreign public almost as much as the objectives of the revolts themselves.  Our suggestion, in conjunction with local partners, is to harness the instruments of the revolution to the monitoring of democracy by building local channels of policy accountability. This can be done by using simple mobile and web-based technology to monitor basic delivery of selected services as a means of embedding the processes of democracy and governance in everyday life.

In partnership with Egyptian organisations, this project aims to promote the embedding of a democratic framework by developing one of its key aspects — the habit and capacity to hold policy-makers accountable, through social media and mobile based technology.


Project news

Tahrir squared

Tahrir squared

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Sahara Libya desert

The Sahara at the crossroads

Berny Sèbe examines the regional, cultural and strategic factors relevant to the current crisis in Mali

Cheerleading for Egypt

Jeff Howard explains why, on the day of the country's first presidential election, our praise for Egypt is not premature.


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