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At Counterpoint we work across three broad practice areas that privilege context, human behaviour and, finally, engagement. While our work always takes one as a starting point, the other two inevitably inform our research process, as well as the strategic and implementation phases.


How does place shape people’s values, views and preferences?

How do traditions, local institutions but also myths and rituals account for preferences, mobilisation or why people change their minds?  Despite the power of global forces, geography and culture continue to matter: complex collective and individual behaviour needs to be understood in context. We help our clients understand the implications of this context for their needs.

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How do we make sense of complex publics?

At Counterpoint we’re interested in the ‘hidden wiring’ of human behaviour.  We use different approaches to help us understand behaviour from a variety of angles–from ethnography to neuroscience, from psychology to anthropology. Add to this our familiarity with popular culture, social media and our data skills and the result is a rich and rewarding understanding of the complexities of human choice and action.

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How do we make sure we’re talking to the right people in the right way?

Relationships and narratives are at the heart of our work: we privilege them as a way in, as a research and diagnostic tool in our in depth ethnographic work or our framing workshops. But we also value them as a product:  for instance when we help re-establish a set of relationships through a new narrative or when we help communicate a complex policy message–either to or from the public.

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Strategic advice to manage new forms of cultural and social risks

Decoding cultures and making sense of context

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Interpreting public behaviour and emotions

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Crafting the right conversations

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