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Recapturing the Reluctant Radical

On Monday the 24th of September, Counterpoint launched the report Recapturing the Reluctant Radical: How to Win Back Europe’s Populist Vote, the first publication in the “Reluctant Radicals” series on countering right-wing populism in Europe.

An electronic copy is available here

Printed copies are available directly from Counterpoint

The launch event – hosted by Counterpoint and Open Society Foundations – took place at the Honeycomb Hall of the Hub Brussels, 37 Rue du Prince Royal in Brussels.

About the report

The political world has in recent years grown increasingly concerned at the threat of right-wing populism in Europe. This concern has focussed on the committed hard core of right-wing populism. Yet the real threat comes from the uncommitted, wavering supporters – the “reluctant radicals”. But who are these voters? Are they the usual suspects – young, male and disadvantaged – or do they not fit this profile? What drives them to vote for the populist right? And what distinguishes them from the more committed supporters?

Politicians cannot afford to ignore these voters. Not only are they numerous – they are also the most easily persuadable of right-wing populist supporters. But how can mainstream parties win back their vote? Now Counterpoint sharpens the picture of these diverse and uncommitted voters through original quantitative analysis in ten European countries.

If you would like a printed copy or further information about the report or the launch, please contact Lila Caballero (lila.caballero[at] or Marley Morris (marley.morris[at]


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