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L’Echo, Belgium Catherine Fieschi: “Les partis d’extrême droite veulent assiéger l’Europe de l’intérieur”
02/10/2022 Interview with Catherine Fieschi

Culture Notes, Chatham House European Unity Feels the Heat
28/09/2022 Column by Catherine Fieschi

France24 The Debate – How Far to the Right Will Meloni’s Italy Go?
26/09/2022 A France24 debate with guests: Catherine Fieschi, Francesco Saraceno, Deputy Director, OFCE & Professor of Macroeconomics, Sciences Po Paris; Paolo Borchia, Italian MEP, Lega party (Identity and Democracy Group); Lorenzo Castellani, Adjunct Professor of Political Institutions, LUISS International University.

Il Giornale, Italy Dal declino populista alla vittoria di Giorgia Meloni: così sono cambiati i “sovranisti”
26/09/2022  Catherine Fieschi quoted

Financial Times What an Italy led by the Far Right might mean for Europe
22/09/2022 The big read – Catherine Fieschi quoted

El Cronista, Argentina El populismo no ha terminado, sólo está teniendo un upgrade
22/07/2022 Catherine Fieschi quoted

Financial Times Populism isn’t over. It’s getting an upgrade
22/09/2022 FT Magazine – Catherine Fieschi quoted

Culture Notes, Chatham House Europe’s broken promises to Africa
11/08/2022 Column by Catherine Fieschi

Financial Times While politics fragments, Europe is falling into line on trade
11/07/2022 Opinion – by Catherine Fieschi

The Print Emmanuel Macron’s win is an opportunity for France and the EU
25/04/2022 Catherine Fieschi quoted

Politico The French Election is a Glimpse at the Volatile Future of Western Politics
19/04/2022 Opinion piece by Catherine Fieschi

Culture Notes, Chatham House Russia wouldn’t do that!
01/04/2022 Column by Catherine Fieschi

The New Statesman How Ukraine has strengthened Emmanuel Macron
23/03/2022 Podcast – interview of Catherine Fieschi

Spiked Will we be ‘nudget’ into Net Zero?
23/02/2022 Counterpoint report quoted

Culture Notes, Chatham House French elections: Macron seeks an encore
04/02/2022 Column by Catherine Fieschi

Brink Populist Parties in Europe are now talking about Climate Change
01/02/2022 Interview with Catherine Fieschi

The Guardian Climate denial is waning on the right. What’s replacing it might be just as scary
21/09/2021 Catherine Fieschi quoted


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The latest of Counterpoint in the media

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