Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan is an expert in the societal impact of technology.Susan Morgan is an expert in the societal impact of technology. She works with Counterpoint on projects related to disinformation online.

Susan has over twenty years’ experience working in the public and private sectors and philanthropy. Her focus is the societal impact of technology.

Now a freelance consultant, she was the first Executive Director of the Global Network Initiative; a Washington DC based multi-stakeholder initiative focused on the responsibilities of technology companies to protect the free expression and privacy rights of their users when receiving government requests around the world. For the ten years until 2010, she was employed by British Telecom (BT) including six years focused on corporate responsibility, leading BT’s strategy, policy and public reporting across the company on those issues. And in the last three years she worked at the Open Society Foundations, one of the world’s largest philanthropy organisations, developing international grant-making strategies on disinformation, the online public sphere, algorithmic discrimination and big data.

She has a BA and MA in Politics from Durham University, UK.