Building Bridges: Connecting with values to reframe and build support for human rights

Building Bridges is a practical guide to the relationship between values, frames and efforts to build support for equality, human rights and social justice.

By looking at the role of values and frames in human rights debates, recommendations are made on how to engage with these consciously and positively through communications, campaigning and policy development. The report was developed as part of a wider collaboration between Equally Ours, Counterpoint and the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC).

This guide shares the findings of in-depth research that analysed how current debates around human rights are framed, and how these engage particular values in people. Starting a more positive conversation about human rights is something we should all be focused on. Human rights are vital to achieving wider aims on equality and social justice, but they are poorly understood, and the current discourse is overwhelmingly unhelpful to these aims. Stories about the positive impact of human rights for people across the country are few and far between.

This guide provides examples of how you might communicate equality and social justice issues using human rights frames.

Building Bridges


Counterpoint, Equally Ours, PIRC and Common Cause


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