Sabine Selchow

Sabine Selchow contributes to Counterpoint's work on globalisation and riskSabine Selchow contributes to our work on globalism, globalisation and risk. She is a Research Fellow in the ARC-Laureate Program in International History at the University of Sydney, where she is in charge of the ‘Planetary Pasts and Futures’ – research group. She is also Research Associate at the Centre for International Security Studies (CISS) at the University of Sydney, and the Conflict and Civil Society Research Unit at the London School of Economics (LSE). She is the author of Negotiations of the New World: the Omnipresence of Global, 2017.

She is involved in various initiatives and international working groups, such as the working group ‘Cosmopolitan Communities of Risk’, established by Ulrich Beck at the Center of Advanced Studies in Munich, Germany, and the ‘Human Security Study Group’ at LSE (convened by Mary Kaldor and Javier Solana).

Sabine was Research Fellow in the Civil Society and Human Security Research Unit, Department of International Development, London School of Economics, where she was in charge of the ‘Security Culture/s’-research component of the ERC-funded project “Security in Transition”. From 2013 to 2016, Sabine was also a Research Fellow in Ulrich Beck’s ERC-funded project ‘Methodological Cosmopolitanism’ at Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität Munich.

Sabine holds a PhD in Government from LSE. Before embarking on an academic career, she worked for several years in the new media sector. She has comprehensive project management and consultancy experience.