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Populism and the sad revolution of ordinariness

We’ve said this before – and we’ll say it again: the rise of populist politics are predicated on the long, slow death of expertise...

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Trump, Le Pen & co : pourquoi investisseurs et entreprises devraient s’y intéresser

Avant un débat organisé hier soir à Londres par Citigroup, sur les populismes et les risques géopolitiques, Catherine Fieschi, directrice de Counterpoint, a répondu...

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The Bridges Project: New expertise for policy in an age of uncertainty

Edited by Catherine Fieschi and Heather Grabbe

The Bridges Project aims to bring new insights from researchers and experts on human behaviour to the attention of policy-makers, politicians and activists, in order to help...

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Après Paris: le temps de la Cosmopolitique

  [Vous préférez lire sur papier? Téléchargez l’article en PDF.]   “L’expérience du risque en son omniprésence ne peut donner lieu qu’à trois types...

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Islam and Muslim Communities in the UK: Multiculturalism, Faith and Security

In 2013 Catherine Fieschi and Nick Johnson wrote a joint piece for The International Spectator entitled “Islam and Muslim Communities in the UK: Multiculturalism,...

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Populist politics and the media


What part has the media played in the rise of populist politics and populist politicians in Europe?  For many the media in its various...

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Responding to Populist Rhetoric: A Guide

The European Parliament elections in May signalled a decisive shift in the political dynamics of this key institution. The significant increase in MEPs from...

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Building Bridges: Connecting with values to reframe and build support for human rights

Building Bridges is a practical guide to the relationship between values, frames and efforts to build support for equality, human rights and social justice....

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The roots of populism’s success in Norway

Martin Sandbu

How can it be that Norway, a prosperous, successful country, has so easily allowed populism to penetrate its establishment? In this thought-provoking essay, Financial...

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Homosexuals and Headscarves

Johanne Mygind and Anders Rasmussen

When Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen gave the opening speech at the National Parliament Assembly in October 1999 he characterized the overtly xenophobic...

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Sweden: the reluctant nation

Göran Rosenberg

In this revelatory piece – part of the ‘Reluctant Radicals’ series – Göran Rosenberg explores the hitherto limited success of populist movements in Sweden....

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The Front National – a party caught between extremism, populism and democracy

Michel Wieviorka

Le Front national, entre extrémisme, populisme et démocratie  In Le Front national, entre extrémisme, populisme et démocratie, Michel Wieviorka argues that an effective opposition...

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Tussen constructieve kritiek en vernietigend cynisme

Jiska Engelbert and Esther Audier

This report presents the research findings for the Dutch case study for Nurturing populism ? The impact of the media on the growth of...

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Les thèmes du Front National et l’agenda de la presse française (2006-2013)

Alexandre Hobeika and Gaël Villeneuve

This report presents the research findings for the French case study of Nurturing populism ? The impact of the media on the growth of populist...

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Eurokritiikin aallonharjalla

Erkka Railo

This report presents the research findings for the Finnish case study for Nurturing populism ? The impact of the media on the growth of populist...

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Populism in Germany: a history of its mentalities, myths and symbols

Herfried Münkler

Populismus in Deutschland: Eine Geschichte seiner Mentalitäten, Mythen und Symbole In Populismus in Deutschland: Eine Geschichte seiner Mentalitäten, Mythen und Symbole, Herfried Münkler discusses German populism after reunification, deeply influenced by...

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Populist Fantasies: European revolts in context

Catherine Fieschi, Marley Morris and Lila Caballero

Populism has often been referred to as a ‘chameleon ideology’- it draws its strength from contextualised resentment and contextualised hopes and its roots run...

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A very British populism

Julian Baggini

Britain appears to have avoided the kind of rightwing populism that has periodically sprung up in the rest of Europe. Xenophobic populist parties have secured electoral successes...

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Conflicted Politicians

Marley Morris

With the 2014 European Parliament elections approaching and populist radical right parties continuing to influence the political debate, this report takes a timely look...

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Conspiracy Theories in France Interim Report

Joel Gombin

Counterpoint’s  interim report on beliefs in conspiracy theories in France, as part of our project. As part of this project, Counterpoint is interested in...

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The roots of contemporary populism in the Netherlands

Yvonne Zonderop

In light of Wednesday’s elections in The Netherlands, here is something we published a couple of years ago on the rise of Dutch populism,...

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Ten paths to populism. How silent Finland became a playing field for loud populism

Johanna Korhonen

Kymmenen polkua populismiin: Kuinka vaikenevasta Suomesta tuli äänekkään populismin pelikenttä  Barely twenty years ago, Finland was an introverted nation best known for being the...

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Recapturing the Reluctant Radical

Catherine Fieschi, Marley Morris, Lila Caballero

Support for right-wing populism in Europe has steadily gained attention from media and policymakers over the past decade. Most of this attention, however, has...

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Cloud Culture

Charlie Leadbetter

The rise of cloud computing has not only creating a battle for global internet control: it will soon change the ways in which we...

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The Inner Lives of Cultures

Eva Hoffman

“These days, we do not lack information about other societies and countries” writes Eva Hoffman, in her introduction to this illuminating collection of essays....

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The seasons of Italian populism

Gianni Riotta

Stagioni del populismo italiano Did Italy invent modern-day populism, alongside fascism? In 1946 the young Republic saw Guglielmo Giannini’s Fronte dell’Uomo Qualunque, the Common...

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Poland’s adventures with democracy

Marek Beylin

Przygody Polaków z demokracją  Since the fall of the communist dictatorship in 1989, Poland has gone through powerful and uncontrollable changes: the old political...

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National populism and xenophobia in Greece

Aristos Doxiadis and Manos Matsaganis

The rise of the criminally anti-immigrant Golden Dawn in the 2012 general elections has caught the attention of world media, and has caused widespread...

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Strategic advice to manage new forms of cultural and social risks

Decoding cultures and making sense of context

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Interpreting public behaviour and emotions

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Crafting the right conversations

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The Rise of Climate Populism – New project

Observers of populism have noted a shift in the past few years: while migration and immigration are still at the of heart populist rhetoric,...


The European Way of Digital

Counterpoint and OSEPI have launched a new Bridges publication, The European Way of Digital.   Europeans worry about how digital technology is changing their...


Re-imagining the Open Society in the Digital Age: A Bridges Project Position Paper

The guiding question for the 2019 Bridges Programme is a broad one: how can emerging digital societies support social well-being and liberal democracy? what...